Pay It Forward

Tailrace Cafe serves coffee, and food with a cause.

We want to invite you into sharing our heart for a cause and would love you enjoy a meal and donate a coffee bean to one of our causes.

You can send  love on its way to one of the 6 million children affected by the war in  Syria.  Children who have lost life and love.

Unconquered.Love is building a sanitary pad factory in South Asia.  We have built one and are now fundraising for the second.

Almost 250 million girls and women in India cannot afford hygienic sanitary products, nor are they aware or educated around menstruation. The Unconquered Project empowers local women to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads and to provide menstrual education – by women, for women

No girl should be uneducated because she misses school 5 days a month simply because she has no access to a sanitary pad.  Together we can change this and give girls an education.

Our profits go towards our community projects locally, nationally and internationally.


Some coffee beans don’t even have to leave the building to send love on its way.  advocates for people in the workplace how have to over come:

  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Disabilities and health issues
  • Life barriers
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficult pasts

It’s funny how something so little,  can help change a life.  One coffee bean on its own doesn’t make a difference but a number of coffee beans over a period of time make a big difference.

Tailrace Cafe is owned and operated by Tailrace Community Church

Coffee Beans donated for 2019


Coffee Beans that have been sent on

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